Looking to sell your property?

Need help finding genuine and authentic buyers?

Want to get the best price for your prized property?

We can help you find the right buyers, and sell your property at a great price!

Selling a property might be a tricky affair, especially when it comes to finding the right buyer. There are several pitfalls that you could fall into if you are not able to find the right buyer for your property.
Whether you’re looking to sell your residential property or a commercial building, we’d like to offer our assistance in every way we can.

We’ll get you genuine buyers who are really interested in your property and are willing to pay good money for your property.

Here are some of the property selling services we provide.

1. Marketing Services

To help you sell your house, the first step APNA PROPERTY BAZAAR.COM does is to spread the word about the same thing on the market. This is achieved by ensuring that the property is classified on the main portals for real estate. To ensure that it gets sufficient publicity, we cover all the ads for your land, which in turn attracts many potential purchasers.

2. Advertising Campaigns

To make sure the right customers see the property for sale, we even build unique ad campaigns. We get people involved in your property through a combination of online and off-line promotions.

3. Buyer Scouting

For prospective buyers who have a particular interest in your house, we go out of the way to scout. To root out clients who are not real, we do a screening at our stage.

4. Broker Engagement

We spare you all the troubles and do the groundwork ourselves if brokers are interested in the property selling.

5. Site Visits

We schedule site visits to your house, ferry prospective buyers, and lead them through all your property’s features. We have your property ready for viewing by prospective buyers before visiting the site. We ensure that any visible damage is rectified, and for the site tour, the area is neat and tidy.

6. Documentation Assistance

A lot of paperwork that may confuse a layperson comes with the selling of a house. If the property paperwork is not in order, prospective buyers can back out of a contract. To help you get all your property records in order, the APNA PROPERTY BAZAAR.COM team uses its experience. We also assist you with all the legal paperwork, meaning you don’t have to think about it.

7. Negotiation

We use our technical skills and experience to work with the talks on your behalf until customers are involved. We’re trying to get you the best deal for your land so that you don’t feel shortchanged.

8. Deal finalization and execution

The Selling Deed for the deal will be drawn up by the APNA PROPERTY BAZAAR.COM staff, and will then be finalized by both the buyer and seller parties after inspection and approval. On the day of the sale, we will be there with you to ensure that the agreement is concluded in a hassle-free way.

9. Financials

We will also expand our services until the transaction is concluded to help you redeploy your funds in the most fitting way. We would also help combat any financial gains occurring out of the sale.

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  • we expertise in Residential, Commercial, Semi-Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, warehouses & any type of Properties.